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Reconciliation Agreements

An important legal safety devise for client’s considering a reconciliation with their spouse.

Sometimes spouses with marriages in conflict nonetheless want to try to reconcile, but are worried about the “legalities”. The answer to this dilemma may be a reconciliation agreement. The parties work out everything that would otherwise be in a Marital Separation and Settlement Agreement, addressing all issues which could be contested before a Court.  The agreement is in place should the reconciliation not work out. This gives a client and their spouse the chance to agree to a specific cool down period to attempt the reconciliation, but if it doesn’t work out, then either or both of the parties can “opt out” of the marriage (i.e., start a separation), with terms of separation and divorce that are already agreed to and signed off on in the reconciliation agreement.

Using this tool, custody, child support, access, decision-making, alimony, marital distribution and award, retirement accounts and health insurance are all predetermined and agreed upon by the parties, as a condition of trying to reconcile. Talk to us about a Reconciliation Agreement.