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Litigation Attorney in Rockville, MD

Despite our best efforts to amicably resolve your disputed family law matter, sometimes a case must be resolved in a contested, adversarial manner in a court of law. Other than for emergency relief to protect loved ones or assets in immediate risk/harm’s way, litigation is never our first choice for you. Yet when that happens, you need attorneys with experience, precision, strong preparation, determination and charisma, as well as rigorous adherence to procedure, court rules, statutes and case history precedence. We firmly believe that strength in litigation and a willingness to try a case, if need be, is your best tool to settling amicably. Strength through reason.

Our Divorce Lawyer Will Help You Achieve Your Objectives

Family law matters are tried before either a Family Division Magistrate or a Circuit Court Judge. There are no juries in family law cases. Your day in court can range from a thirty minute hearing to a week-long trial. We know and understand the system and stand with you every minute of the way and team with you to achieve your objectives.