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The other category of custody is called “legal custody”. This refers to the big, important decisions involved in a child’s life. These include medical, educational, religious decisions. Either the parents will make these decisions together, or appoint one of the parents to make the decisions alone. Decisions made together are referred to as “joint legal custody” whereas when one of the parents makes the decisions without the input of the other parent it is referred to as “sole legal custody”. The type of legal custody a family uses is not set by the residential custody arrangement. In other words, parents can have a sole residential custody arrangement and also have joint legal custody. Again, the standard is the best interest of the child.

Our Maryland Child Custody Attorney will listen to you and determine the right direction

Custody arrangements can be decided through mediation, negotiation between the parties’ family law lawyers or by the court after a trial. You can be assured that, whatever path you take, the Maryland family law attorneys at Lustig & Gudis, LLC will listen to your concerns and work to obtain the best result possible for you and your children.