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Divorce Mediation

Our attorneys are trained, experienced family law mediators. Depending upon what is right for you and your spouse, we will work with you either with one mediator, or with two co-mediators.

Divorce and separation mediation is a cooperative process during which you and your spouse make decisions about your family, custody, property and support issues with the help of a neutral mediator. You know your family best and are in the best position to make decisions about your family’s future. We, as your mediators are neutral third persons who guide you and your spouse through the decision making process. We will help you to generate options and determine which ones are right for your unique family.  During the mediation process, you will work directly with your spouse, hearing each other’s concerns and ideas without going through the filter of attorneys who are hired to battle out the issues in court. We will facilitate your negotiations by helping your spouse to hear what you are saying as well as by helping you hear what your spouse is saying to you. We are able to help you through the mediation process using our creativity, experience and belief that mediation is an excellent solution for many of our clients.