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When a couple decides to separate, child custody and support are two of the two biggest concerns of parents. Child custody determines who will care for the child and provide him or her a home, while support helps determine how the child’s well-being will be paid for. In Maryland, both parents are responsible for supporting their children, based on the Maryland Child Support Guidelines. This is the case whether one parent is the primary residential parent with the other parent having access to the children, or if the parents share time with their children. If you have any questions about child support, please call our divorce attorney from Lustig & Gudis, LLC to discuss your case.

A family attorney can explain the determinants of custody and support in Gaithersburg

The monthly child support payment will be determined using one of the two Guidelines worksheets by inserting the monthly incomes for both parents as well as the cost of health care for the children and work related child care. Other factors may also affect the final monthly figure. This amount will also be affected by the number of overnights the children spend with each parent. The number of overnights will determine which worksheet will be used. On October 1, 2010, updated Guideline rules will go into effect. Because so many factors go into deciding child support payments, it is always a good idea to talk with your maryland divorce lawyer to get a better understanding of what you may receive or need to pay.

Child support will extend until a child turns 18 or, if the child lives at home and is attending high school at the age of 18, it will extend until graduation, but not any longer than a child’s 19th birthday. If the child has a mental or physical disability though, please speak with your maryland divorce attorney, as this may permit the court to extend benefits past this age.

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Child support can be modified in certain situations, such as when a parent experiences a significant loss or gain in income. The parent receiving child support can also ask the Court to garnish the wage s of the paying parent, in order for the receiving parent to automatically receive the payments from the paying parent’s employer. Your Maryland  divorce lawyer can help you navigate the complicated area of child support, and if you are having any trouble with child support be sure to speak with our office today.