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Gaithersburg, Rockville, and Germantown Maryland Adoption Attorneys

Once you have found that special person you want to adopt then comes the paperwork. This is true whether it is the child of your new spouse, an arms-length adoption or any other type of adoption.

Maryland requires that a multitude of forms be filed before an adoption will be approved by the court. There are consent forms to be filled out, adoption requests, medical forms, financial forms, etc. Your Maryland family law attorney at Lustig & Gudis, LLC can guide you through the maze of paperwork you will need to file in order to finalize the adoption.

Our Gaithersburg Maryland Family Attorney Will Help You Be Prepared

Adoption law also requires that all prospective parents be investigated by the adoption office for your county. The investigation is intensive, and will include an interview of the prospective parents (and, in the case of a step child adoption, the natural parent as well). Your Maryland adoption lawyer will help you prepare for the investigation and interview.

Maryland takes adoption very seriously. In order to have the best chance of having your adoption finalized without delay or difficulties, it is in your best interests as well as in the best interests of the child to be adopted that you hire an adoption attorney to make sure the process goes smoothly.